Tatara Totsuka is seriously the best character in this show.

Which Character From "K Project" Are You?

Which Character From “K Project” Are You? You got: Tatara Totsuka You are important. Everyone around you always knows that they can go to you for help — they know that you’d do anything for them.

Yatogami Kuroh | K Project #anime

Kuroh Yatogami, the Black Dog vessel of the Colorless King. K anime

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A hell, for lack of better term, Dissonance is the polar opposite of its brethren, Harmony. Taking pleasure in wrecking havoc, this plain is nothing short of b.

EEP he is beautiful I can see why Mikoto loves him so much haha

reisi k project the fourth and blue king I love this guy! He's one of the funniest ninja-obsessed characters I've ever seen .If you read Gakuen K you'll understand XDDD

K: Return of Kings

Anime Season: Fall 2015

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