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Kindergarten Christmas Writing Prompts-Sentence stems can help kindergarten and first grade writers get their thoughts on paper. These printable prompts are fun, engaging, and provide support to elementary writers. These prompts work great as a writing center of as a whole class writing activity.

December Writing Prompts for Beginning Writers

25 Christmas Writing Prompts: A Christmas Countdown for Homeschooling-The Unlikely Homeschool
Christmas Writing Prompts Worksheets
Awesome Christmas writing ideas!! Click for a TON of awesome writing activities!
Enjoy this fun freebie! Christmas writing paper! Please be kind and leave feedback!  Thank you!
Christmas writing paper
LEGO Christmas Writing Prompts and Story Telling

LEGO Christmas Writing Prompts and Story Telling - Free Download!

SANTA LETTER included in Christmas Writing for Kinders by First Grade Schoolhouse. KINDERGARTEN. $ Filled with FUN writing activities for CHRISTMAS and the holiday season.    Includes graphics by Fancy Dog Studio http://www.fancydogstudio.com    http://www.teacherspayteacher.com/Store/First-Grade-Schoolhouse

Christmas Writing for Kindergarten