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Katonai Egyenruhák

Justin Griffiths, private, 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot Griffiths, 43, ‘It gives you a real sense of what a red-coated infantry soldier of the time would have experienced. And besides, you fire a musket.’ He has been re-enacting for a decade and takes part in events all over Europe. Unseen Waterloo: The Conflict Revisited is at Somerset House, London WC2, June 12-August 31 ( The accompanying book (Impress, £60) will be published on June 15 Picture: Sam Faulkner


Guilford Courthouse, 1782 - "The Royal Welsh Fusiliers advanced, under fire, up a rain sodden ploughed field towards a well entrenched enemy. Breaking through, the Fusiliers fought a close action through brushwood and forest to pursue the broken enemy until exhaustion overcame them." Art by Rob Chapman


William II (1792–1849), King of Holland, When Prince of Orange, by John Singleton Copley, 1813, English Heritage, The Wellington Collection, Apsley House.


Lieutenant John James Douglas (later Captain Sir John James Scott-Douglas, Bt) (1792–1836), 15th (or The King’s) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars), c.1819


Lance corporal 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot Waterloo 2015


Use Bold Frontiers forest scenery and toy soldiers (from Armies in Plastic) in your games; see our ranges at The Glengarry Light Infantry of Upper Canada, were a primarily Scottish unit who wore a similar uniform to the 95th Rifles [British Army]. They used muskets instead of rifles. This unit distinguished itself for harassing American units in and around the Niagara Peninsula during the 1812 War.


Henry William Paget (1768–1854), 1st Marquess of Anglesey