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Young Druidess Old Print Reproduction Celtic Ars Naturans


Iron Age Celtic Bronze Dragonesque Brooch 1st century BC . A large cast dragonesque brooch with La Tene style scrolled panels to the body and scrolls to the finials, the pin intact

innen: Deadliest Fiction Wiki


Cu Chulainn was a hero from Ulster. He was the son of the god, Lugh, and his childhood name was Setanta. In a way, he is like a viking, or even the Incredible Hulk, because he is taken by fits of extreme rage, which gives to his success in war. Cu Chulainn is killed by javelins made by the sons of Calidin. He hears battle cries and sees warriors that are really just illusions conjured up by the enemy. After being hit, he tied himself to a pillar so that he could stand upright to face his…


Celtic Ruins: Sacred Mistletoe Ceremony of the Celts and Druids