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Temperaturas medias en la superficie de los planetas del Sistema Solar

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Whirlpool galaxy, also M51, with its companion dwarf galaxy NGC 5194. These two are interacting galaxies in the constellation Canes Venatici.

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Sombrero galaxy

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A full demonstration/tutorial of watercolor milky way sky painting on postcard. For more of my works: http://insta...

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Zenedoboz - Szuper kozmosz a városban , Music box Super cosmos in the city 3 éves kortól - Djeco

Make a spark, break the dark Find a light with me Who we are chasing stars Won’t you dance with me? - Oh Wonder, Lose It

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Massive Stars Resolved in the Carina Nebula

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I stared at this photo for about two minutes, in silence, and then said to myself, “What the fuck?” Because, I mean, seriously. What the fuck, existence?

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The Horseheads Nebula via ESA ~ The European Space Agency

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Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images

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