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AHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHhHA!! The story of my life in a nutshell ! This is just so FREAKIN true

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I just started getting into K-Pop and I'm already in love with Bts, Exo, and NCTU. My fav song so far is "The 7th Sense" <3

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BTS Jimin || Bangtan Boys Park Jimin

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Las etiquetas más populares para esta imagen incluyen: got7, jackson, mark, markson y kpop

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THE KOREAN WORLD (So annoyed with the incorrect bacon reference, but whatevs).

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Top, V, Chanyeol, Minho, Chen, Suga........I can name so many more sooooo *raises both hands*

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The feeling when you've picked one vaguely familiar word lol

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Yep. :D I seriously think my reading speed has become exceptionally fast(er) because of subtitles.

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I will literally shout out MY WIFE LIVES THERE whenever someone mentions South Korea

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Jiminie isn't that smol xD he's the same size as Suga. It's not his fault he was born an adorable mochi

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