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Liz and Patty don't get their own spaces but Excalibur does.

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Day Five: Baby Kid Just a dumb doodle I threw together. Also, I apologize for not submitting anything for the previous day! I’ll post it tonight.

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Fading Shinigami - Soul Eater by on @deviantART

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soul hugging maka by soulXluvXmaka

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Soul eater

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Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Skull Mask T-Shirt Tee

Pinterest: @KitsuneSpirit7 << Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Skull Mask T-Shirt Tee

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Soul Eater - Maka and Soul

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wow i know which one my sister is hint hint annoying and coward one

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Soul eater loved this anime if a friend asks what anime should I watch next u recommend soul eater

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