5 Creative Ways to Use Sparklin’ Lights

String lights are a fun and festive way to dress up your decor! These Silver Wire LED String Lights are bendable and hold their shape, so you can twist them around banisters, inside lanterns and do many other places.

17 Autumn Wedding Trends You’ll *Fall* Head Over Heels For

Fairy Jar Lanterns Are Simply Magical

Fairy Lanterns with Tutorial - Nichola Battilana. If you didn& want to order the cutouts, I& sure they could be made on cardstock or paper.

Easy Outdoor Decor: How to Make Lanterns from Scrap Wood

Teds Woodworking - easy outdoor decor make wood lanterns with scrap wood, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, woodworking projects - Projects You Can Start Building Today

Occa Home: Lantern Styling

Set the scene and create a serene atmosphere with our collection of big stainless steel lanterns, perfect for cosy evenings, elegant gatherings, and summer nights.

Gorgeous Lantern Set - great way to add charming old-world ambiance to any decor, inside or out. I would love to have these as part of my Christmas decor.

One-year Anniversary Shoot by Piteira Photography & Como Branco Wedding Concept

Want an easy way to add welcome and warmth to your space or romantic ambiance to any occasion? Its as simple as lighting a match. For centuries candle light was.

One of the vintage railroad lanterns lighting the stage for the Lincoln Bicentennial Concert on August Photo by Mike Morbeck.

Large Antique Lantern Sconce

Spring Home Tour

How I decorate with Lanterns. Come see my Spring Home tour filled with lots of DIY decorating tips and inspiration!

Round out the lighting scheme with accents. They’re as easy as adding an LED candle and a nest of battery-operated string lights to lanterns. And don’t limit this decor to Christmas - wind battery-operated string lights through trellises or around gazing

The best places to find farmhouse lanterns online

The best sources for farmhouse lanterns online - wood, black, metal, solar.all the lanterns for your perfect farmhouse style home decor!