Cyprus Limassol, Baths of Aphrodite Paphos

Island Secrets in Cyprus

Day 8: Limassol, Cyprus Wake up in the beach side city of Limassol! Use this day to learn about the culture of Cyprus, modern and historically. Visit the creative market for highly talented artists to display their work, learn to cook popular Cyprian dishes such as pourgouri, swim in the sea,  visit the local market, or take a hand at water sports like surfing!

The Limassol region of Cyprus has great history, beauty and a traditional Cypriot lure.

Looking for things to do in Cyprus? We've picked 14 unmissable activities for you to try when you travel to Cyprus. From exploring beaches, or towns like Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia to the birthplace of Aphrodite and partying in Ayia Napia. Read now #travel #cyprus #europe

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Wondering what can you do in Cyprus? We’ve picked 14 reasons why we think Cyprus is the perfect getaway.

Sunrise after a stormy night... #sunrise #goodmorning #wintersun #erimi #limassol #cyprus #cliche

Sunrise after a stormy night... #sunrise #goodmorning #wintersun #erimi #limassol #cyprus #cliche

Limassol - Cyprus

The picturesque sea side city of Limassol located on the southern coast of Cyprus