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Yes, you are producing enough milk. this photo would help visualize the size & volume of a newborn's stomach. This is why newborn's want to feed frequently and why you need to trust that your body has more than enough for your little one and, if supplementing, be very careful not to over feed.


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40 Natural Ways To Induce Labor

40 ways to help induce labor naturally. Some are hilarious, some may help move things along if you are already close.... good to have on hand for the future.

Such a great visual on how much your baby MAY be able or want to take in the early days.

DIY Lactation Smoothie Packs to boost milk supply while breastfeeding

Adorable Kids Time Out chair for your little one when the kids are naughty! Perfect for the terrible twos.. and threes... and beyond!! Great for

For the new Mom's out there. Nice site for baby organization ideas.

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Baby Boy - Baby Girl Clothes - Infant Bodysuit Onesie - Cheerios & Juice Box Snoop Dogg Inspired - Funny Baby Onesie - Funny Baby Gifts

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at