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Három kategóriában vár pályázatokat a Sziget Fesztiválköztársaság a 2015-ös Sziget látványvilágának színesítésére. Óriás méretű installációk, emblematikus látványelemek és izgalmas művészeti projektek jelentkezését várják 2015. március 10-ig. Részletek a Sziget weboldalonán.
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Use leftover newspaper to create this amazing mixed media newspaper lion craft for kids. Fun lion kids craft, mixed media art for kids and newspaper crafts.

Awesome Newspaper Lion Craft

I'm Done!  Oh those dreaded words we here when a student finishes early. We always plan for lessons to be completed at an appropriate time, but let's face it- students all work at different paces!  So what are some things you do with your students to keep them engaged and occupied? Here are a list of ideas I have done and still do:
Ton Schulten is one of my all time favorite artists! I discovered him years ago when I found a calendar full of his paintings when visit...
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Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon were lovers, but the gods were jealous of their love and teared them apart. Now, the Sun can embrace and kiss the Moon only at a time, a time named Eclipse.
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