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marcel one direction imagines | Harry Styles #one direction #best song ever #marcel styles

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Trying to drown his sorrows of being rejected in alcohol... and failing.

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Nobody can tell me that Marcel isn't one of the best things that ever happened to this fandom.

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(GIF) Marcel dancing.. It's hard to remember there are serious abs and tons of tattoos beneath that sweater vest.

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Adjahsdgds these marcel imagines!!!!! the feeeeeeeeeels

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Marcel Duchamp, 1915-23 - La novia desnudada por su solteros, o El gran vidrio,

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ok, so i know these are a lot of imagines, and i love harry, but not like a crush, so, yeah, but i mean, Marcel, i just have to pin them. i mean, this is Marcel we're talking about here!

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Gâteau Marcel - Dessert/kage - Opskrifter - Mad og Bolig- no clue what that says but yummy!

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'Armory Show' That Shocked America In 1913, Celebrates 100

Marcel Duchamp - Nude Descending Staircase See all those different realizations of a walking person

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once all struggle is grasped ,miracles are possible ,just saying blessings Roberto Vasquez

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