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lol so i had to change shirts really fast right before we left for church today & i changed it in like 2 seconds (i had a tank top on) & my sister is standing there & was like :0 how did you do that so fast.. I was like when you are in marching band you have to be able to change really fast. :D

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Oboes aren't in marching band, but this is still very true and very important.

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Marching Band Problems. This is one of those heart warming moments

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Marching band: Because I'm a band nerd. :)

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This happened to me when our oldest director got onto me about not being in the right place when he set me there...

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Marching Band Problems haha always sounds the dirtiest when your burning up and yell someone unzip me now! And a guy does it lol

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This is the opposite of a problem... It's one of the most fun things about band

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band problem: people who feel they need to play 10 more measures after the conductor cuts them off #Band #Relatable

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Marching Band Problems. Seriously. Try marching, playing (songs and cadences) remembering formations and dance routines AND telling the snares to stop speeding up the tempo.

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