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15 concrete ways to be more mindful in your everyday life! | Fit Bottomed Girls

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MULTI-TASKING is out - FOCUS & MINDFULNESS is in. Here are some reminders to help you to learn to single task & focus again.

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5 things to do before you get out of bed

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How to stop our habitual reactions or acting simply out of deep seated Habits (that are not always good for us)

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Best Personal Development podcasts Infographic

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Strive to master these things! :) Re-pinned by Sandhill.

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How To Live With Intent (Even If You're Super Busy & Stressed Out) -

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Detachment is part of learning how to accept life on life's terms. In 12 step recovery, or when living with active addiction, it's important to know how to let go. These tips can help! Click to read more!

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10 tips for a Mindful Home, Karen Maezen Miller, Do Dishes, Rake Leaves, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Shambhala Sun, Wake With the Sun, Sit, Make your bed, Empty the hampers, Wash your bowl, Rake the leaves, Eat when hungry, Let the darkness come, Sleep when tired

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Feeling frustrated or stuck? Here are 10 signs that you're resisting life, and tips for how to reignite your flow via @pinchmeliving + a free download of 10 powerful truths you need to know, to live a positive, empowered life.

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