The enchanting "The Staircase" in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Check out why its worth a visit at

10 Reasons To Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

The Ceramic Staircase, Victoria and Albert Museum - London, England // Designed by Frank Moody.

New York's Met was named the world's best museum by TripAdvisor users. Here are the rest.

The 10 Best Museums in the World on TripAdvisor

The 10 best museums in the world on TripAdvisor — Yahoo Travel Inspirations

Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall, England I'm obsessed now! Have to go there!

Museum of Witchcraft, The Harbour, Boscasle, Cornwall. One of those unique & fascinating places; the museum houses a large collection of artifacts, primarily from British & European witchcraft lore.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum!

The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world in square feet of exhibition floor space. Address: 600 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington, DC, (V)

Great Infographic showcasing 23 free museums and galleries in London

London's free museums and galleries - infographic elements

50 amazing places to take your children in the United States.

50 Amazing Places in the U.S. You've Got to Take Your Kids To

Welcome to our state-by-state guide to an unforgettable family vacation. Or, a five-hour flight—you've got the freedom to choose, people!

The Natural History Museum of Paris, France. There is a menagerie, a Noah's Ark, that runs through the museum , life size, no less.

The Natural History Museum of Paris

Looks like a museum I might actually want to go see. One of the coolest museums in the world, the Natural History Museum in Paris, Grand Gallery of Evolution.

Gallery of Megalithic Museum / CVDB arquitectos + Tiago Filipe Santos - 2

Gallery of Megalithic Museum / CVDB arquitectos + Tiago Filipe Santos + P-06 Atelier - 2

metallic white panels cut out with a geometrical pattern wrap around the gallery space of the megalithic museum in portugal, creating a play of and project by CVDV arquitectos, tiago filipe santos & atelier.

The Morgan Library & Museum

10 Best Small Museums in New York City

Museo El Prado! I saw my first Velasquez (La Meninas) here. It was so much bigger than I had expected it to be.

Museo El Prado--The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain s one of the best art museums In the world. You can spend days there.