Napoleon Dynamite | 32 Movie Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

Napoleon Dynamite

32 Movie Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

well said191 Can you believe its been 12 years since Napoleon Dynamite came out? (25 photos)

Can you believe it’s been 12 years since ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ came out? (25 photos)

Fave quote from Napoleon Dynamite :)

Napoleon Dynamite (Ah, riding on the bus....such 'fond' memories)

Napoleon Dynamite "Gosh" :D

Jon Heder in 'Napoleon Dynamite'

Jon Heder in 'Napoleon Dynamite'

It's probably the best drawing I've ever done. ^^ Napoleon Dynamite<<<<this is too accurate for when I draw stuff haha

haha watched this in funny (Napoleon Dynamite)

Dance moves 5 - Napoleon Dynamite (Niege Borges Alves)

Amusing Posters of Famous Pop Culture Dances

Napoleon Dynamite: Canned Heat by Niege Borges

Napoleon Dynamite. I love how Kip just smirks after he said that.

Your mom jokes

Napoleon Dynamite

"Tina, U fat lard, come get some dinner!

napoleon dynamite, kip and deb

Hallowen Costume Couples napoleon dynamite, kip and deb

claire if u see this dont u know who should do it?

The Napoleon dynamite dance totally doing this at my next school dance!

Vote For Pedro Sanchez. You know you said it in his voice

this is the funniest movie ever!

"I like your sleeves, they're real big." Best definition of a dance. Ever.

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"I like your sleeves. They're real big." {Napeoleon and Deb, 'Napoleon Dynamite'} if i could go back in time i would take napoleon to prom

napoleon dynamite   <3

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"Hey, Napoleon, what'd you do all last summer again?" "I told you. I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines.

Napoleon Dynamite by Kittitath Tanyavanish

Napoleon Dynamite ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Kittitath Tanyavanish

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Regarder Napoleon Dynamite (2004) en ligne VF et VOSTFR. Synopsis: Napoleon Dynamite est un nerd de premier ordre, tendance no-life. Associal, désag...

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napoleon dynamite! Lol! Just for Colleen because everytime we are going to eat at work she says this to me! It makes me laugh each time!

God Tina you fat lard.