NHL Logo Design: Auch hier sind einige tierisch gute Namen zu finden.

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - the only team that's stuck with one. (And loseapeg doesn't count because they moved from Atlanta and changed the logo and didn't go back to the original Jets logo)

NHL realignment in one handy graphic. This is gonna take some getting used to, ladies and gentlemen. :P

NHL Realignment, In One Handy Graphic

NHL realignment, in one handy graphic. Rules are meant to be broken, I live in division C and root for division A.

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - Visual Guide

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - A Visual Guide

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - Visual Guide Grandma needs to carry a copy of this w/her to the games!

Jared Boll - Right Wing, Columbus Blue Jackets. Hockey player and puppies. The best thing in the world.

Jared Boll, Columbus Blue Jackets, and puppies. Too much darn cuteness!

Now this is a hockey map

Now this is a hockey map! i'm in the capitals area but i'm a nyr fan and i get so much hate for it.

Okay already! I'll buy a Schneider shersey, just don't smite me!  The New Jersey Devils look demon-riffic as imagined by Eric Poole. More of his work at http://epoole88.tumblr.com

New Jersey Devils - A screaming red devil with a hockey stick with a trident on one side.