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Parfait Script Pro takes its inspiration from Spencerian script and pointed brush lettering, two styles of writing (or of drawing letters, a calligrapher would say), that the designer successfully combined.

beautiful use of lines to create the thinking behind these illustrations and the by Petros Afshar...

Illusive by Petros Afshar, via Behance Flat Illustrative Style + Display Type. So good I can't decide which category to put this in: Typography, Design, or Fine Art?

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Pierre / Calligraphy Fonts

From renowned sign artist Francis Lestingi. You'll find many uses for this beautiful hand-lettered calligraphic font.

Math is Beautiful on Behance

"I began thinking about how numbers play an incredibly significant role in our world," said San Francisco based illustrator Seth Mach.

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The Twelve Best Number Fonts - A Typical English Home

The Twelve Best Number Fonts (A Typical English Home)

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Letterhead Fonts / LHF Scriptana / Hand Lettered Script Fonts-------------- this font reminds me of a mortal combat game I use to play, I think it would be useful for a combat game.