O2L crew

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rickydillon kianlawley trevormoran jccaylen connorfranta sampottorff I love these boys

jccaylen...omg O2L, this should be a photo thing guys, don't you think!

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o u r 2 n d l i f e oh connor i miss you like crazy

picture released from the TCA's. Jc Caylen Sam pottorff kian Lawley Trevor Moran and ricky Dillon

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen O2L

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Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley, brighten my day when I see them, their cheery attitude to their videos and the weird things they say/do around each other makes me want to make and be just like them! Jc or Kian, you inspire me!

So true <3 They are the reason I smile everyday.  Thank you guys, you have really changed my life <3

These are the reasons I feel different about myself, and tend to laugh and smile alot! Thanks for making positivity control my life.

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