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These 7 simple steps give you a basic outline of what it takes to not be a financial dumb-dumb. Follow these and you'll be well on your way to understanding how to achieve financial independence!

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I love this. I am reading "Bringing up Bebe" right now, and LOVING the principles laid out in the book!

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Kate & Trudy | | Household Finance Series - Part 3 Budgeting // gone are the days of bounced checks and missed bills. Get your household finance binder created with this series. There's a lesson on setting up your binder and establishing the bill pay process!

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How to Use Dave Ramsey's Allocated Spending Plan

Using Dave Ramsey's allocated spending plan can help you figure out how to better manage your money. However, it can be a little tricky figuring it out.

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My Life All in One Place: Blog planner Printing this ASAP!

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Back Up Your Pins

Backup your Pinterest pins quickly and easily with Pin4Ever! Download a copy of all your pins, likes, and boards with one click! The pins you save on Pinterest are not permanent; they can sometimes disappear without any warning due to hackers or computer glitches. Don't risk losing all of your informational treasures that you spent so much time finding and gathering when it's so easy to protect your pins with a Pin4Ever back up.

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ENNYI LESZ A NYUGDÍJA! – MÓDOSULTAK A NYUGDÍJSZÁMÍTÁS SZABÁLYAI – valorizációs szorzó 2016/2017! Módosultak a nyugdíjszámítás szabályai – ennyi lesz a nyugdíjunk! – Hitelkalkulátor, pénzügyek és hírek

Egyszeri segély nyugdíjasoknak – azonnali 85,000 forintot kaphat a nagymama vagy a papa! – Hitelkalkulátor, pénzügyek és hírek

Grocery Budget Basics: Creating a Price Book

This simple budget tip - creating a a price book - can be a tremendous help in seeing trends and the true cost of items. Here are step by step instructions for creating & using one of the best money saving tips out there! ::

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The Makings of an Updated, Smart Family Budget

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