Although I would be scared, I would parasail over the island.

Parasailing (this is a pic from Bora Bora - that would be the epitome of coolness).this is something I live to do. Although I do not have any pics of me parasailing even though ive done it over twenty times, the experience is always amazing.

✓ Done in the Bahamas... needs quite a bit of upper arm strength!

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Always wanted to go parasailing? Take off on Lake Wallenpaupack in the the largest lake in PA, covering acres! Outfitters located around the Lake Region will help you set sail on your bucket list parasailing adventure!

✖ our brains are sick but thats okay ✖  @livylane

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Kayaking through mangrove trees, Key West, FL very cool!! Will always remember seeing the Portuguese Man Of War jellyfish!!

Kayaking through mangrove trees, Key West, FL (photos can never quite compare the breathtaking crystal clear aquamarine waters of the mangrove canals)

"Just Chute Me" parasailing in Destin, FL. Highly recommended!

"Just Chute Me" parasailing in Destin, FL. The waters really do look that beautiful! Best place for parasailing!

Parasailing in Freeport. $70/person

Details and reservation information about Freeport Parasailing: Ocean Motion located in Bahamas.

Parasailing in Clearwater, Florida

Parasailing in Clearwater, Florida I did this once with my BFF Jenny, she was always up for an adventure. I am so glad she talked me into doing this.

Up next. Can't wait! St. Maarten | SXM Parasailing

of 3 items on my bucketlist that I will hopefully be able to mark off in June 2012 :)

Parasailing with a best friend...must happen...already done!!!

Best Buddy Bucket List: Go parasailing together omg! Have already done this with aubrey hardcastle!

Maybe if we are together?

Maybe if we are together?