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How to Train Your Pet Rat

The Complete Guide to Rat Training | I miss having rats :3

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5 Disturbing Baby Care Myths That Just Won't Go Away

Can my rats eat grapes? Plus 25 other foods classified!

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rats <3 typologies.

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18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

They're especially loyal and affectionate to their humans.DEFFINETLY More

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20 Supplies for Pet Rat Care, Rat Cages, and Health That Every Breeder and Owner Needs

All of these supplies are very important for new and seasoned rat owners. Syringes, for example, can be used to nurse orphaned and abandoned rat kits.

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17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

Rats are little adventurers and they were one of the first animals to make the trip to outer space. | 17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

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How to Potty Train Pet Rats

Pet rats are quite hygienic and typically choose one spot to use as a lavatory. This characteristic makes them fairly easy to potty train, although success will depend upon the individual rat's willingness and personal preference for where she relieves herself. You'll need litter and a pan and will have to locate your rat's potty in a strategic...

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Bonding with your Rats: A Beginner's Guide

Tips on bonding with you new pet rat

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Take the Stress out of Bathing Your Pet Rat

Take the Stress out of Bathing Your Pet Rat Step 8.jpg

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litter training your pet rat and other great pet rat ideas

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