Soziales Leben

Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath! // it's a spring break goal to take each of these groups and write character frames for each of them. Then maybe one might turn into a good protagonist:)

Menschen 1 Giclée Fine Art print 8 x 8-Illustration von meszely

People 1 Giclee Fine Art print 8x8 Illustration - Print SALE - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Einfache Zeichnung, viel Wiedererkennung

This style of illustrative portraits would work well with this newspaper because of its simplicity. The simple illustrations combined with its very precise attention to detail creates a uniform yet stylised characterisation.

The colours are very similar to that of Baisakhi- and the illustration is very simplistic -

Baisakhi style colours, simplistic people images: party, bridal & baby showers, moving house/just married.