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Time To Go On Safari We’re not sure what these two ladies were thinking when they decided to pattern-coordinate with their cheetah print bodysuits…

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Sometimes you hate to go for shopping with family at Wal-Mart due to weird funny people of Walmart. Let's take a look at some of the Walmart's weird and most ridiculous customers.

..ALL MY FRIENDS HANG OUT AT WALMART!! ~lmao~ I seen you there the other day ;) Come Follow my Board...

People of Walmart Thank You for Your Continued Support - Falling Boobs Fail - Funny Pictures at Walmart. Definitely motivation to ALWAYS a wear a bra!

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Meanwhile In Walmart Parking Lot - Funny Pictures at Walmart. that poor lamb!

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Here is the reason some people hate shopping at Wal-Mart, let's take a look at some of the weird and most ridiculous people of Walmart.

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People of Walmart In Weird Outfits: yes this is at walmart. Old lady dresses up as a wonder woman and goes shopping at walmart.

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It's just your every day camo fairy at your local Walmart Superstore.this is the camo fairy just wishing you a happy hunting season

People of Walmart

So, I'm assuming these are from American Walmarts, 'cause you don't see that shit here (at least, I haven't seen anything like that at the ones I've gone to)<<< basically hell *loud screeching*

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Walmart is quite aware of its customer base.why, oh why, don't they make these scooters more user-friendly for the Walmart crowd?

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Black Camoflash Leopard Loose at Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart lol my friend needs this outfit