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Book Review: The Blood Of Olympus By Rick Riordan

Book Review: The Blood Of Olympus By Rick Riordan – Freedom And ...

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Top 25 Percy jackson Quotes

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Share a Coke with Nobody... *Polyphemus grumbling in the distance* *Odysseus laughing in the distance*

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pixel fandom | note = 1 pixel for your fandom’s symbol (shown above) in an art ...

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This is very accurate, the HP fans and others are so much more sane than us, that's personally fine with me XD<<< ha ha ha! That's funny! Harry Potter is not that sane, we're actually crazy. We would be trying to fly our brooms and Hippogiffs and whatnot. Still love Percy Jackson but Harry Potter makes me go more insane. My three favorite characters died in HP, not a single one of my favorites died in PJ. Those kind of things make people insane.

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Children of death || Percy Jackson

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Jokes only percy jackson fans will understand (ps. Octavian is EVIL )

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I present to you: the Percy Jackson fandom. The only fandom that freaks out over the Hoover Dam...

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percy jackson bessie - Google Search

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