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5 Faultless Tips on How to Wear Vintage Men’s Clothing

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Fashionable young man in a hurry, 1940’s suit double breasted pants jacket are welcome ladies! ;o)

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The Rugged Style- Art of Being the Man

Classics never die and the new ideas are always forged, this is the yin n yang of fashion

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...The boy is pretty, but too young for my taste. His jacket, on the other hand, is divine!

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Hot Vintage Men: The Scruffy Stud from Poughkeepsie

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An entry from the gory bits

What a Lovely Thought

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Handsome sailor, Potential romantic hero for a novel

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Not sure when this was taken, but notice the possible Star of David patch on his left arm...hmmm?

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Portrait of a Handsome Young Man c.1909

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"The hair, the suit, the style, the Look SWAGGER!!! Errol Flynn | vintage men's hair | 1930s men's hair | Classic Hollywood | Icon | Legend". Biddy Craft

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