Red scene hair

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Hey, guys!! My name is Nora! I was kidnapped seven years ago. I still haven't been kissed, but hopefully I will make some really good friends. Would you mind introducing yourself? By the way, I am 17 years old.

I have no idea what "scene" is or why this hair style represents it but I love the color! Haha <<< I love "scene" hair! This is such a cool color combo

Short red scene hair/ style/ black beanie. Might get my hair this color maybe with black in it.

My dad is The Flash, o-or Bary Allen. M-My mom is Iris West. I'm a huge geek.

Red purple ombre cure hair with ponytail, shown by our girl

10 Lovely Ponytail Hair Ideas for Long Hair, Easy Doing Within 5 Minute -

nice Scene wig. Black /Wine red scene hairstyle wig. Emo by kekeshop... by

Scene wig. Black /Wine red scene hairstyle wig. Emo by kekeshop

I want her hair!!! And she's really pretty, so I want her face too. xD

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I used to have my hair this style. Half long, half short.

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