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Overflowing with passion kind of love

Overflowing with passion kind of LOVE for you. I will always be a fighter and protector of your heart and your words and actions will always walk harmoniously.

When the chemistry is gone the history doesn't matter - Rob Hill Sr

i love him so much but there is just no chemistry. leaving him because of no chemistry is petty right? i mean he is a good person.

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K. I do sometimes put my thoughts in the description. Lets see if you pay attention as much as I do. Tired of being made to look a fool.

Rob Hill Sr... #love if not, it's not for me!

I just want somebody who's life inspires me. I want a bond I don't need a break from. With somebody I respect and look up to. I want us to live in a way that makes us feel lucky to have one another, and if it's not that, it's not for me

“By the time he comes around, she’ll probably be too happy with who she’s becoming to look back. She’d seen so much and he’d showed so little. And though the thought of entertaining it is appealing at times… The reality is, she’s just focused on her now. And with the future looking so bright, everything behind her seemed so irrelevant. She preferred it that way…”

Again, Rob Hill Sr. This man is a genius. Everything he writes his true and awakens some part of your soul.

^^ this NEEDS TO BE NOTED ; from the very beginning, all the way to the end. . . AMEN! -- #REPOST #GetTheMessage #UnderstandIt More

5 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted - Balanced Narrative

Life is only as difficult as we make it. Choose your own happiness. If you don't like something do. Quit complaining about petty things. Get rid of the poison in your life. Live for yourself and your happiness.

A real woman is a treasure if treated right. When you take care of something good, that something good takes care of you.

Rob Hill Sr quote 10 benefits of having a real woman. The many shades of day to day change requires a balanced view on both sides.