Roof terrace photographed by Clive Nichols.

I'd love to eat a meal here, so beautiful. Roof terrace photographed by Clive Nichols.

roof garden layers diagram

Joseph Abhar - A green roof detail. It retain rainwater, improve air quality by capturing pollutants, and create a nice space for people to escape to when they might be experiencing indoor related sicknesses.

Raise the Roof: How to Plant a Rooftop Garden

How to Plant a Rooftop Garden - loads of useful tips for making sure you create a productive and safe roof garden. Terrace and rooftop gardens are great for urban gardening where the space is scarce.

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GING Roof deck garden - love the privacy trellis for the plants to vine on, the cool cutout living carpet and the cement planters.

Low maintenance is key when planting a city garden.

Roof Terrace View - Get inspired by these small space garden design ideas perfect for city-dwellers.

NYC rooftop garden:)

Discover the beautiful urban garden ideas city dwellers need for summer. These inspired gardens will add flair to your outdoor space regardless of the square footage. For more DIY projects, Ikea hacks and outdoor gardening ideas go to Domino.

Brooklyn roof garden Julie Farris by Matthew Williams

Ask the Expert: Roof Garden Basics with Designer Julie Farris

Love the idea of a raised bed of plants (not necessarily edible) with an edge of rocks. Foto from Gardenista (Brooklyn roof garden Julie Farris by Matthew Williams)

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Belgravia House in London by Todhunter Earle. Even though this is a rooftop garden, the design show would be excellent for any long, narrow yard. Great way to break up the space by making different "zones"!

20 Chic and Fun Roof Gardens

Most people want a beautiful garden of their own in their house, but this dream may not come true because there's no space for a backyard. Some people are fortunate enough to have a rooftop which can be turned to a dreaming garden.


Architecture, Mesmerizing Rooftop Gardens In Nyc: Beautiful Rooftop Gardens in New York City

Green roofs environmental benefits Green roofs can be advantageous for many reasons: Reduce heating and cooling Increase the roof life span by at least double Grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers Reduce run-off storm water Filter pollutants and CO2 out of the air Insulate for sound and heat Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater Increase wildlife habitat

Roofs that hold water: reduce heating and cooling costs, increase life of roof, and create a rooftop garden! Would be great on a shipping container home, as there might be a risk of collapsed roof otherwise if drainage isn't sufficient.