drawing on Skateboard Deck

I really love the hand done illustration feel this skateboard has. I like how they used on thing (the tentacle) over and over again just in different positions to evoke a cool yet erie feeling.

Amazing skateboard designs!

Amazing skateboard designs

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Today’s Featured Deck is a customizable tentacle background designed by Artur Wosko of This one was created using the silver base option. Check out more of Artie’s graphics s at or get to choosing a background and designing your own deck at

Custom Skateboard Decks and Griptape - Design your own skateboard graphics. Skate your own design. Put your art, logos, pictures & text on a Canadian maple skateboards.

Spider-man Skateboard Design - Katy Thorn ©. An awesome combination of a skateboard design and a kickass superhero, although the mustache at the bottom doesn't really seem like it fits in. I would take the mustache out and replace it with more spiderweb designs.

This is very creative graphic. Using Spider-mans famous line is skateboard terms was a creative idea. The bright red looks great on the board and the spiderweb design on the mask looks cool a base design for the board

birdasaurus: Ink and Pulp

birdasaurus: Ink and Pulp (The Tides)

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Skateboard design -- Wish is was at least covering everything but it's still beautiful

Skateboard design -- Wish is was at least covering everything but it's still…

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Screaming PBR Pabst Beer Hand 8 0 | eBay

Santa Cruz Skateboards: Decks: x PBC PBR Hand Powerply Deck. by far one of my favorite decks

vintage vhs skateboard deck

Extraordinary Skateboard Designs

Another really funny and creative deck design. I could see skaters in their late twenties and thirties buying this. While there isn't really a specific focal point it is still a really fun design to look at.