10. You never leave the house without looking perfectly put-together.

15 Signs You're The Spencer Hastings Of Your Friends

Spencer Hastings's style! http://berrytrendy.com/2014/02/19/spencer-hastings-style/

Spencer Hastings: Steal Her Style!

One of Spencer's stress free moments. I chose this image of Spencer because she usually is the more stern and professional out of the liars. She doesn't really show emotion or have a sense of humor. She is always tense and I found this image rather interesting since this is one of her happy, care free moments. I love this side of Spencer and I wish we saw more of it! -Season 3

10 Ways To Tell If You're The Spencer Hastings Of Your Friends

"Spencer Hastings" by yaelhannah on Polyvore featuring mode, Givenchy, Gap, SUSU, Topshop, The Created Co. en Dorothy Perkins

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