Squirrel: Me and the missus just got the little ones to sleep. Would you lot mind holding it down a bit so as to not wake up the tired tikes? Appreciate it and all that.

Greeting Card - Fox Squirrel - Its not Polite to Stare - Humorous Staring Nosy Personification via Etsy

Io ? non sono stato io...Sound the alarm !!!!! cute squirrel

Dan Annable, - Squirrel on Grand River trail. He sounds the alarm anytime you come close.

I love you tree...

What makes you happy can sometimes appear to be the most mundane little things, and happiness is a very personal emotion. What makes you tick? "I love you tree.

Han kommer kasta snöbollar på första människan han ser!

The nutty lives of squirrels in snow Order an oil painting of your pet now at www.