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I know a lot of great women who would fit this mold. Luckily Zack already has the best fit for him, me

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Where can I find him...need

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Wise words....too bad more people don't heed this advice..

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Then you'll have the mind, body and soul. I never understood this until now. I had a hard time at first understanding what that meant, without looking at it in a negative way, but it is as His...I was all of these things for Him. If only...he was for me.

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I don't like being told what to do...

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This is so very true right now! I am completely emotional with everything going on and I'm trying so very hard to be loving, kind and sensitive I swear I am.

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“You own my heart. And my ass.” | It's all about true love and intense real desire. |

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Let There Be Pictures; And They Were Good

I'm sure as hell not Little Red Riding Hood. Move on!!!

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^Earn her trust, touch her soul and treat her like the treasure that she is...This will be your reward!

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