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Handmade Button Snowman Card Personalised Mum Dad by GurdGifts, £2.80
Nézzük a hazai színjátszás nagyjairól szóló kérdéseinket.
Heeeey ici vous parle une petite (grosse) perverse je décide de comme… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad
'Pine' tree in the hallway. SO creative!                                                                                                                                                      More
Borde con niños
Pool Noodles are the secret to making palm trees.  I taped two pool noodles together end to end with duct tape.  Then I spray painted them brown.  Each tree took about 100 lunch size paper sacks.  I cut the bottoms off of all of them and then smooshed them down together.  I slid the bags onto the pool noodles until I had the whole thing covered.  The bottom and top bag got taped onto the pool noodle with masking tape and kinda scrunched around to cover up the tape....
Another great, simple and effective idea is silhouettes. Cheap plywood or even industrial packing cardboard. Painted black and backlit.
Her blog with the rest of the VBS ideas are truly amazing!
Drama set at a mid-size church for Ocean Commotion VBS 2016
Volcano - could it be a waterfall? Think: blue
7 Puzzle Piece DIY Ideas | DIY for Life
Cardboard animals - I would love to paint these and them attach them to the classroom wall so they can be easily removed.
This would be beautiful for music in our schools month or talent show.
Arrow Island VBS
torch i made for VBS 2013