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Bathing Your Beardie

You can bathe your bearded dragon as often as once per day, but many owners generally bathe them at least once every four to eight days. When constipation or shedding occurs, it is recommended to …

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Pet Spotlight: Bearded Dragon

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ready for her first walk

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Breaded Dragons - Szakállasagáma sàrkànyok

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The excitement of hatching! How many translucent bearded dragons in this clutch? More pics at

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Complete Habitat, Heating, Lighting, Substrate, Nutrition and Information on Bearded Dragons. Check out more on our website:

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Breaded Dragon named Number 5. - szakállasagáma sàrkàny neve: Number 5.

How to Play With a Baby Bearded Dragon

Baby bearded dragons are naturally friendly.

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What to look for in a healthy bearded dragon

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