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Color therapy.

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God put a rainbow in the sky!

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I want to find the other end of the rainbow :) go on a wild goose chase, and have the time of my life being a kid again. High school takes all the adventure out of life.

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Rainbows and Lavender Fields More

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Hello! I thought you might like this pic. Have a wonderful day of Pinning and cooking and exercising. Well, okay, at least the Pinning.

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let's throw a unicorn party

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Winter trees made with craft for all ages! :)

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Snow cave in Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia -

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Fire rainbows are not actually rainbows and have no connection with fires. The true name for this exquisitely beautiful optical effect is “circumhorizontal arc”. The phenomenon can only be viewed under certain precise conditions: the cirrus clouds that act as prisms must be at least 20,000 feet high and the sun must strike them when it is at an elevation of 58 to 68 degrees. Fire rainbows are never seen at locations situated more than 55 degrees north or south.

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