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Why Unloved Daughters Fall for Narcissists | Knotted: The Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Favorite saying KJC

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Narcissist will build their case with lies and deception against you and when you fight back, they will claim you are the crazy one. Others manipulated by them will also think you are the crazy one.

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Their version of "love" is based on conditions you must meet. Listen closely as they reveal this in every "helpful criticism," every "concern" for your well-being, and every argument where supposedly resolved issues never cease to resurface.

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So the second one is a Dark Swan reference.. #OUAT Crossover!

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Mój Boże mam 50 tkę !: Krzyczeć się chce ( Abuse)

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A form of intimidation or psychological abuse, sometimes called Ambient Abuse where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt...

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I was in a relationship with a Covert Narcissist/Borderline Female and it was the closest thing i have experienced to HELL ON EARTH

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