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Az+almafácska+meséje+29.jpg (550×420)

Suspend the drawers from the ceiling.

Top 24 Cheap and Easy Garage Organization Ideas

Small Workshop Storage Solutions: Eke out every cubic inch of storage in a basement shop with pivoting boxes that hang between the ceiling joists. This is so clever, and easy to add into the basement renos.

Garage areas are often filled with clutter, different tools and basically  that is not usually used, is sent into the garage. Even outdoor shoes and toys are also placed in the garage. Our tendency of over buying leads to overcrowding our homes and this usually leads to accidents,especially when your garage is small but is filled with …

** I like this 36 DIY Concepts You Want For Your Storage - Web page 2 of four - DIY Pleasure (Diy Storage Bench)

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garage organization DIY: How to Make a Cord Hanger - using a dowel and a piece of rope. This is a great way to keep your cords organized, tangle - free and off the floor - via My Home My Style

Get rid of that stubborn musty smell in your garage by dedicating an AirRestore Air Naturalizer to that area of you home. You'll be able to tell the difference in no time!

Organization scheme Also: how to safely remove paint off cement garage floor - Tacoma World Forums

Need more space in your garage? This storage unit packs almost 40 feet of shelving into a package that’s just 8' wide by 6' tall. Plus it’s equipped with a fold-down workbench and a pegboard area for hanging tools. Best of all, it’s built from four sheets of plywood and a couple of 1x2 boards. Get the free DIY plans at

Need more space in your garage? This storage unit packs almost 40 feet of…

Folding work table -- American Woodworker published this in 2007 (back issues not available). Would love to have the pattern for this.

Folding Garage / Work Table : nice space saving idea for sorting table Just made it taller for cutting table?