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Casadei Crystal-Embellished Satin & Grosgrain Sandals
It's just something about a well dressed Woman.
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Elegant De Seversky Mansion Wedding from Brklyn View Photography

OPEN TOE, STILETTO HEEL WITH 2 SIMPLE STRAPS AND BACK ZIPPER CLOSURE. This heel runs true to size. Heel height is 4 /12 inches.

Step above heels

Let's Dance: Kathleen's Art Creations, Whimsical Zentangle
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Sarong Style Dresses – Know More About Them

TŰSAROK TV2 12.15 Orosz Barbarával! #larionos #tűsarok #osmakeupschool #love
Sexy Pirate Captain Boots #HighHeels #Halloween

Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

Louboutin silver lace up high heel “Azimut” Booties

Kylie Jenner Gets Hair Done in Christian Louboutin "Azimut" Booties