I think this little piggie would make a great little friend for my doggy

Impossible not to smile at this…

Teacup pigs. My moms allergic to CATS. So, I don't think it'll be a problem if I brought a couple of these home one day...

Micro pigs, mini pigs, whatever they are called, these piglets sure are cute and funny. I mean it looks like a baby pig, but that's in fact a cute miniature .

Pigasso: The little oinks making a splash in the art world.  Staff at Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon, have taken a novel approach to fundraising as they turn their pigs into painters.  Their miniature pigs have been creating works of modern art which sell for up to £16 each and have so far raised more than £150 for the Farm Crisis Network charity.  June 2007

Pigasso: The little oinks making a splash in the art world

Priscilla: The Cutest Pig on the Internet

Meet the most adorable, popular pig! She's pretty stylish, too - she loves to lay out on the beach and pose in her cute clothes!

little piggies

Welcome to Charming Mini Pigs! We are a breeder of mini pigs and pet pigs. We offer lifetime support and education for all of our mini pigs.

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