Beach Tropical Seashell inspired lighted bottle for in/outdoor decorating

With a beautiful glass diffuser (the bit at the top) and a dark brown metal finish, these solar stake lights are built to last.

is a Shark a mammal or fish? That is the question that is perhaps most commonly asked when talking about sharks. Since sharks give birth to pups, and a few species lay eggs, the common consensus is that sharks are mammals.  Across the board, though, 70% of all sharks give birth, while the remaining 30% lay eggs. Sharks are actually fish, which is sure to be a surprise to many.

Types of Sharks: a Mammal or Fish? About Facts and Other Interesting Questions

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Beach Decor Ideas

To make a Seashore Decor, you will need a glass cylinder, a little bit of sand and a lot of seashells. This decor can be used as a centerpiece for bedrooms, living rooms, beach-themed parties or anything else you want.

imagine with a colorful background and a white seahorse... somewhat like a silhouette

"Seahorse" © 2009 Doris Olsen, Acrylic on wood panel, x "Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.