Not a goldfish, but really cute!

To see a Seahorse in the wild ! in the ocean rather than an aquarium ., a beautiful blue, this is like wow!

Sea snails - Zee naaktslak

Adrian - you would like all her pictures - Under the Sea Fabulous Snapshots) ! - Part Nudibranch Hypselodoris

Collection Of World Best Photos: Photo

Extreme ~ Great white sharks are like the grizzly bears of the sea. What may start as a peaceful and beautiful encounter can go completely south in a split second. Wild animals must ALWAYS be treated with respect and caution.

Anythingology: Summer Mantle and Buffet Change Up

An easy DIY project for candles, shells, sand, a bit of sea fan. Just gotta get a bowl fill it with some pebbles/sand and candles. I could put my Jamaica shells in something like this! So easy and pretty!

is a Shark a mammal or fish? That is the question that is perhaps most commonly asked when talking about sharks. Since sharks give birth to pups, and a few species lay eggs, the common consensus is that sharks are mammals.  Across the board, though, 70% of all sharks give birth, while the remaining 30% lay eggs. Sharks are actually fish, which is sure to be a surprise to many.

Types of Sharks: a Mammal or Fish? About Facts and Other Interesting Questions

whale = la ballena [bah-ee-eh=nah] or [bah-YEH-na] :) Whales Hvaler Wale ~ Marine Life Charts from Scandinavian Fishing Year Book (many other charts there!) via Remodelista

Ocean Sea:  #Starfish.

Starfish or sea stars are echinoderms About living species of starfish occur on the seabed in all the world's oceans, from the tropics to subzero polar waters. They typically have a central disc and five arms, though some species have more than thi

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To make a Seashore Decor, you will need a glass cylinder, a little bit of sand and a lot of seashells. This decor can be used as a centerpiece for bedrooms, living rooms, beach-themed parties or anything else you want.

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