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Stika 1072 Budapest, Dob utca 46/a
Fruccola #1 H-1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 32. hello@fruccola.hu +36 1 430 6125  Fruccola #2 H-1052 Budapest, Kristóf tér 3. hello@fruccola.hu +36 1 430 6125
Keksz bistro [Boedapest]
Huzsalade, hip en cool worst & bier concept in Budapest
EcoCafe [Boedapest]
I'm on a mission for lunch at a ruined pub. But this list also includes some other interesting ideas.

12 Things You Should Try In Budapest Which Might Not Be In Your Guidebook

The italian elegance of the TG Italiano in Budapest #basiccollection #project #restaurant #furniture #chairs #tables #design #horeca
BUDAPEST - Sonkapult One of the most exciting breakfast places in Budapest has reopened in Rumbach S. street. SONKAPULT is traditionally mixing Mediterranean delicacies and Hungarian specialities in this supercool spot in the heart of the Jewish disctrict. The guys and girls of „SONKA” has tried to create a haven for people who respect their food and happily try out new tastes. So many kinds of ham, bread, coffee, tea, beer, wine and all the other foods and drinks are only waiting for you!