The Simpsons :)

The Simpsons. the best animated TV show of all time and all around great comedy. Yes, it's been upstaged by Family Guy in recent years, but The Simpsons is still cool with me. Family Guy is funny at times, but The Simpsons remain my favorite animated

Bart Simpson on Deviantart

Tricksters are boundary crossers. In Bart's case, he crosses the boundary between right and wrong.

Simpsons House

Simpsons House

The Simpsons' House Layout: here we can see the whole of The Simpson's house, upstairs and downstairs. It looks nice and bright and if you were walking down the street you would notice it as The Simpson's house. It's pretty much accurate!

Eye On Springfield is a retrospective of Simpsons hilarity spanning from seasons 1 to when it was still funny.

City of The Simpsons in real life | Things for Geeks

A previous pinner wrote; A full view of all of the components inside the Simpson's addition inside Universal Studios Orlando Florida including Moe's Tavern, Fast Food Boulevard, the Flaming Moe, and other parts of the Simpson's dining experience"