Omg I feel like this..we met, hardly spoke for awhile and now he's one of the most important people in my life <3

Things About Boyfriends dear alie i am dating someone his name is jay he live 2 house down we start on the 6 of july on a satday i love him so much And he is going to are school he is goimg to be a

He's proved he's not like the rest... <3 Things About Boyfriends

He respects me, He puts me first, He loves me, He treats me like a princess. He has proven time time again that he is NOT like the rest.

He doesn't look at any other girl the way he looks at you... <3 Things about boyfriends

dude he doesn't look at any girls period I literally have the perfect man!

He always smells SO good... <3 (things about boyfriends)

Things About Boyfriends.I imagine his scent and secretly I imagine wearing a shirt he had worn just to keep his scent on me while he's away from me.