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Teen Independence and Its 5 Pillars - Infographic
Parenting teens is tough. Teens are still learning to make good decisions. Setting family rules that are consistent and reflect your family values can help.
8 Ways to Get Your Teenage Daughter to Talk to you.
parenting tips | Parenting Teenagers Top Ten Tips Being a parent is not
As a parent, teach the essential everyday life skills for teens that help them transform into happier adults and to learn basic living skills.
Parenting teens is hard! I love these parenting tips, though - 5 things your teen needs from you. Good stuff!
The reality of teen depression can be scary but understanding the challenges that your teen faces daily can help you to be prepared to help your teen. The following infographic from Liahona Academy will teach you the signs of teen depression as well as how to find solutions for your teen that is struggling with teen depression.
Dealing with a Disrespectful Teen: A strategy to stop the mouthiness and talking back!
Cell phone contract from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com
Parents' Guide to Teens and Mobile Phone Use Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/parents-guide-to-teens-and-mobile-phone-use-infographic/
When we parent teens we have to make a shift from expecting obedience to letting them make their own choices
A Parent's Guide to Snapchat - an app often used for "sexting" #parenting # teens #Smartphone
You are not alone in this parenting journey. Parents of teenagers especially need hope and you can find it over at The Cheerio Trail where we believe that Teens are like a Chinese buffet: Lots of sweet and sour and about as rational as the inside of a fortune cookie!
Boys are three times more likely to develop anger management issues. For more information check out our Anger Management Infogrpahic.
Are you raising lazy kids and you don't even know it?  Consider these 5 mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.
Parenting teens is no easy matter. In fact it's one of the most difficult stages we go through as parents. Learn how to navigate this challenging stage by letting God lead the way.