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images of silver or platinum toy poodles - Google Search

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.Could this be inspiration for a new hairdo for Fifi and Gigi?

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Toy Poodles were originated in Germany as a water retriever.The poodle cut was designed to protect the dogs from cold water yet allowing the dogs to move through water faster. Toy poodles must be under 10 inches and miniatures over 10 but under 15 inches.

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Toy Poodle Groom - A standard groom, but it is so polished.

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Poodle love............Looks like my Dad with Gracie on his lap just a smaller scale!

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All dogs are created equal, but sometimes the special ones become poodles! Especially toy and mini poodles =)

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freshly groomed poodle

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The smartest dogs I have ever was so incredible...miss my babies