Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon, USA

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To become better at yoga I convinced myself that I was similar to a tree. Initially it doesn't look like it's getting bigger, but with time it can grow to huge sizes. I felt like that was a reasonable interpretation of my yoga growth.

Like something from another world the Fuji volcano presents a breathtaking geographic view of cherry blossoms and nature's awesome spectacle.  Achie

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A narrow road through the Redwood Forest.   |   Check Out The Most Majestically Trees In The World!   Copyright:  John Brueske, shutterstock.

Check Out The Most Majestically Trees In The World!

Familiarity with #tree types and #wood grain is one of the most important skills of #woodworking.

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Bodhi Tree Bodh-Gaya, India Probably the most respected and most visited tree in the world grows in India, in Bihar State, in the Buddhist Mahabodhi temple.   According to the Buddhist tradition, a similar tree should grow on the territory o...  #PadreMedium

The Bodhi Tree, also known as Bo (from the Sinhalese Bo), was a large and very old Sacred Fig tree (Ficus religiosa) located in Bodh Gaya (about 100 km mi) from Patna in the Indian state of Bihar)