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If you look really close at Bucky's eyes, he is crying a little... I find it interesting he gives the shield back.

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Ultimate evolution - Imgur

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See this image of Central Park - John Heginbotham in Jordan Matter's upcoming book: Dancers Among Us - in bookstores this fall!

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Who doesn't love playing with a frisbee? And what better place to throw around than at the beach?

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Bucky catching Steve's shield.

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Another pinner: "I have never shaken with so much anger, fear & worry in my life. When I saw him convulsing, heard him screaming... I just couldn't bare it..."

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Bucky's all like "What have I gotten myself into. Steve I'm going to kill you when we're done because I don't like this at all! Why did you make me come? Oh yeah, I chose to. Alright, Bucky, let's go. You can do it. For Steve."

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26 "Captain America: Civil War" Tweets That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry


Bucky's Trigger Words

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Steve drops his shield after Stark tells him he's not worthy of holding it. Steve dropped it for Bucky.