German cosplayer NiKcKu Cosplay as Selene from "Underworld;" photo by Béèm

German cosplayer NiKcKu Cosplay and photographer Béèm capture the essence of the "Underworld" film series in an abandoned factory.

New picture for USA poster of Underworld: Blood Wars

Badass beauty, Kate Beckinsale as Selene out to end the long, violent wars between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction who betrayed her in Underworld: Blood Wars.

Michael Corvin  Abilities: strength agility healing werwolf/vampire hybrid


Does anybody know if Scott Speedman will return to any possible new underworld movies? question and answer in the Michael Corvin club

Lucian and Sonja

Lucian and Sonja, doomed lovers of the warring kind of the underworld creatures and became the parents to Selene.

I'm SO ready for this to come out!!

7 Vampires Better Than Twilight's Edward Cullen

Selene - Underworld/ Morriga inspiration: same hair length and eye shape, but nose is too thin and mouth pinched.

India Eisley as Eve in Underworld: Awakening

Hybrid Eve is daughter of Vampire Selena and Hybrid Michael as half Vampire and half Lycan.