Christmas in Uppsala, Sweden. Ahhh, I can't wait. I want Christmas so bad!

This reminds me of my trips to certain parts of Europe in the winter months. Reminiscing of the past.

Uppsala. Our tips for 25 fun things to do in Sweden:

Uppsala University becomes the first university in Scandinavia, no doubt infuriating King Christian I of Denmark who is busy founding a university of his own (Copenhagen University, which is founded in Above: Uppsala Cathedral.

Uppsala, Sweden viking | Uppsala, Sweden

The only way is Uppsala: Wild beauty and Viking tombs in Sweden's forgotten capital

Uppsala, Sweden travel tips!

Uppsala is the capital of Uppsala County and the fourth largest city of Sweden, after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The 17th century anatomical theatre in Gustavianum, Uppsala university

The anatomical theatre, Uppsala University, completed in 1663 by medical professor and amateur architect Olaus Rudbeck

Uppsala Castle, Uppsala, Sweden.

Uppsala castle is a century royal castle in the historical city of Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala castle was built during the time Sweden was on its way to become a great power in Europe. King Gustav Vasa began construction of Uppsala castle in

An Insider's Guide To Exploring Uppsala, Sweden |

An Insider's Guide To Exploring Uppsala, Sweden |

Carolina Rediviva Building, Uppsala University Library (Uppsala, Sweden)

Carolina Rediviva Building Uppsala University Library Uppsala Sweden Nordic Homes Decorated Around White

Old Norse burial mounds in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden.

The three great grave mounds at Gamla Uppsala, said to be the howes of legendary pre-Vikings kings. Uppland, Sweden,Part of gallery of color pictures of Europe by professional photographer QT Luong, available as prints or for licensing.

Storgatan 8, vån 2, Uppsala | Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

Storgatan 8, vån 2, Uppsala | Svensk Fastighetsförmedling